MyDestiny meik harja/ Iiris seeria 13pcs kõrge kvaliteediga sünteetilised juuksed harjad set-pulber&blush&foundation&lauvärv&ilu

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  • Toote Tüüp: Meik Harja
  • Käepideme Materjal: Puit
  • Mitu Tükki: Üks Ühik
  • Kasutatud: Komplekti & Kits
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Suurus: 13
  • Harja Materjal: Villa Kiud
  • Brändi Nimi: mu saatus


Narib8384 | 2021-01-22

Nice brushes. Despite the fact that the pile is synthetic, it does not climb, it is stuffed tightly, very soft. In the set of 13 brushes, each brush was in its package, large brushes are also in the grid. On the handles are painted 3 hieroglyphs, keep in hand conveniently. Delivery to Tambov region about 15 days. In this store, I order already 10 sets, everything is super. Suitable for both its use and for professionals.

5 / 5

Vicki Teasdale | 2021-01-31

Brushes are cool! Pile, stuffing, softness, slice-everything is perfect))) it came quickly, for 2-3 weeks!

5 / 5

Ultimatemax89 | 2021-01-10

Pile soft synthetic. Everything is well packed, it came 3 weeks before the Chelyabinsk region. In the case has not yet tried, but the view is very decent

5 / 5

Ruslan Alishev | 2021-01-30

Brushes are chic, well-stuffed, soft, pile does not climb. But there was just a hell of a smell of glue!!! Day ventilated on the balcony, then washed, the smell left. After washing the brush remained in its original form, the pile does not climb.

5 / 5

Al Hanoon505 | 2021-01-04

Brushes are just magical, very soft, beautiful and comfortable. Got somewhere in two weeks. Packed very well, nothing damaged. I am very pleased with the set. Brushes for the eyes are less than standard, but it's not a problem, they are no worse at the same time. Brushes are very soft, so they are hardly suitable for cream textures, only for dry ones)

5 / 5

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