Euroopa Stiili 3D-Roosid Tikitud Padi Padjapüür Pulm Kodu Dekoratiivsed Diivan Padjad cojines decorativos para sof

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€4.47 €2.86

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Materjal: Polüester Suurus: 42x42cm Täidis: Nr Pakett sisaldab: 1TK padi Ostmine Vihjeid: Palun lubada, 1-3cm vea tõttu käsitsi mõõtmine.Kuna pildistamise ja skaneerimine ja muudel põhjustel, Palun lubage väike värvi erinevus.

  • Komplekt Tüüp: No
  • muster: Tikitud
  • Kasutamine: Auto
  • Muster Tüüp: Õie
  • Technics: Kootud
  • Mudeli Number: CU65C
  • Brändi Nimi: HOLAROOM
  • Kuju: Ruut
  • Materjal: 100% Polüester
  • Stiil: Jacquard


Uvershi Adriansh1981b | 2020-10-26

It is working well. I strongly recommand this seller. seller is super kind. almost real time answers provided. delivery time was fast. not bad for ali shipping time. That is great service! There are a lot of brands that, even when their products are under warranty, require customers to pay for shipping and handling if repairs or servicing are needed. Which is not totally unfair. And also exactly what makes his generosity stand out even more. The fact that they are willing to pocket the minor costs signals to their customers that when they purchase an item from this company, they are getting more than they pay for. They are not just getting a rugged new one, but also peace of mind and reassurance that they are taken care of should something happen.

5 / 5

Powerrangers1996 | 2020-12-09

I didn't get the product. I would have loved it if I came. Maybe he got lost on the way. Aliexpress paid me back.

5 / 5

Volodimirsamarik | 2020-10-01

It's really beautiful. Although nose because it remains as waste of the same limp during the first few days are like the same cuts of flowers though they look too beautiful they 've done a lot of havoc for my cushions

5 / 5

Nirvana55 | 2020-10-10

Excellent quality. Fast shipping. 5 stars. Recommend. In reality, the color is more coral. Thank you seller and good luck

5 / 5

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