Kriimustada ametikohale kassi maja ronida sisal grattoir vestlus kaupade seina mööbel puu tower condo mööbel redeli kasside mänguasjad

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€25.26 €18.69

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See Kriimustada post kass kass kass ronida kujundas disainer on väga armas.Ma usun, et teile meeldib see kass puu tower condo mööbel

  • Toote tulemuslikkuse: Uus Kriimustada post kategooria
  • Kasvukoht: Valmistatud Hiinas kassi maja ronida
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Materjal: 100% Puuvill
  • värv: Tahked värvi kass puu tower condo mööbel
  • grattoir vestlus kvaliteet: Suurepärane
  • Kasutamise ulatust: Kass Kaupade
  • Tüüp: kassid


Yurok 666 | 2020-09-30

The size thought will be much larger, so 4 out of 5, the box was just destroyed by Russian Post apparently, but inside everything is whole, looking pretty for the first time, enough I think until 1-1,5

4 / 5

Marek Prus1972 | 2020-10-17

I thought it would be more. For this money you can buy more and more in Russia!!! For a kitten up to 6 months!!!

3 / 5

Sharpkor | 2020-09-14

The goods are good, came with a hole on the upper tier. Opened the dispute, returned some money. But for its price is a great thing. Cat liked, but while he prefers to sleep next to a person, not in this thing. It is assembled easily, just screw to the stick two boards, all this is done without additional equipment.

5 / 5

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